Pepsi Logo Found In Live Lobster's Claw And No One Knows How

A Canadian fishing crew in New Brunswick, New Jesey recently caught a crustacean with a rather bizarre feature. This particular "Pepsi Lobster" had the logo of the omnipresent soda company basically tattooed onto one of its claws, and scientists are completely puzzled as to how it got there in the first place.

According to The Independent, several theories have been discussed by locals after the "Pepsi Lobster" was fished up. Some of these include the lobster growing around a Pepsi can or that part of a box got stuck to the shellfish.


"I'm still trying to wrap my brain around exactly what it is," Karissa Lindstrand, who was part of the fishing crew, said.

Lindstrand told The Guardian she was confident the image was too pixelated to come from a can, and too small to be the logo off of a box. Lindstrand feels that it looks like something from a printed picture, but paper would have deteriorated in the water. Thus, the mystery as to what caused the Pepsi "tattoo" remains unsolved.

Regardless, this odd find reflects the increased concerns of debris entering our oceans' waters. A study from earlier this year found potentially hazardous microplastic contamination in various shellfish off of Vancouver's coast.


Estimates said that between 5 and 13 million tonnes of plastic find their way into our oceans annually, which could lead the seas to have more plastic than fish in them by weight by 2050.

Hopefully, this shocking "Pepsi Lobster" helps uncover just how bad our ocean pollution problems truly are. As for the unlucky crustacean, Lindstrand and her crew sold it off with their other lobsters after snapping a picture of it.