Busch Light Introduces 'Pee In a Busch' Kit

"Save a Tree, Pee In a Busch," is the tagline for Busch Light's newest product release on April Fools' Day. There's a catch — it's not a prank.


Busch Light is really asking beer drinkers to “Save a Tree, Pee in a Busch” with a limited-edition funnel kit now available for purchase. The campaign and product is aimed to further protect forests, in partnership with One Tree Planted.

Many aren't aware of the damage peeing on trees causes, as it leaves them more susceptible to disease, pests and nutrient loss. So instead, Busch encourages you to pee in their beer cans as an alternative the next time nature calls.

100% of profits from the Pee In A Busch funnel kit will go to One Tree Planted. Fans can purchase this unique, yet crucial, kit now on