This Giant Wheel of Parmigiano Made These Spicy Wings Fly to Greater Heights

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If you love spicy food, but are having trouble loving that “I can’t feel my face” feeling, Foodbeast is here to help hack the heat in all things spicy. By sharing exciting recipes and food hacks using various dairy products you already normally use, you can easily replicate our experiments and add your own flair in your next mouth-numbing excursion.

Let’s just say things got a bit out of hand when we decided to take a wheel of aged Parmigiano Reggiano for a spin around the kitchen. Sure, we started off tame by tossing in some fettuccini, then curled up with some macaroni—but we really wouldn’t be Foodbeast if we didn’t play around with our food every now and then. So we tossed the pasta aside, and threw some hot wings into the pit.


In order to hack the heat of the Cajun spiced hot wings, we melted the top layer off the wheel and vigorously tossed the wings around, coating it with a gooey layer of cheese. By taking advantage of the aged parmesan’s delicate sharpness, you’re able to cut through the overwhelming spices to reveal a savory balance of heat and creaminess.

While you don’t necessarily need a gigantic wheel of cheese to enjoy these wings, definitely check out this super easy to follow recipe down below, and start hacking the heat of your favorite spicy eats.

Parmesan Wheel Hot Wings


Half a Parmesan Wheel
Hot Wings of your choice
High Proof Liquor of your choice

  1. Carve out the middle section of your half parmesan wheel to create a cheese bowl
  2. Scrape a light layer of cheese from the bowl to use for your sauce
  3. Light up a small amount of high proof liquor and pour into your cheese wheel to help melt the cheese. Mix together to create a cheese sauce
  4. Toss your hot wings into the wheel and coat with the cheese sauce
  5. Serve straight from the parmesan wheel and enjoy!

Created in partnership with Undeniably Dairy.