Papa Johns Debuts Butter Chicken Pizza In Canada

Photo: Papa Johns

If you're in The Six then lucky you because Papa Johns is revamping its menu with a better ingredient, better pizza — Butter Chicken Pizza!


According to Papa Johns, the new Butter Chicken Pizza is made with Papa Johns fresh, never frozen original dough and topped with a velvety, creamy, and sweet sauce and loaded with seasoned chicken, crunchy green peppers and onions.

While I'm not THE Butter Chicken expert, shouldn't the chicken look a little more tomato-y? You know, derived from the main curry elements, spiced tomato and butter sauce. Just a suggestion Papa Johns!

So why butter chicken? Apparently the Indian-based dish is one of Canada's most-loved foods. Who knew?

Available now, Canadians can enjoy the Butter Chicken Pizza country-wide for $19.99 (CAN dollars, obviously).