Panda Express Unveils Robotic Wok


Technology has been incorporated in just about every aspect of our lives. Shoes that tie themselves, glasses that are wearable computers and they have even invaded our culinary world as robotic bar tenders will now craft your cocktails for you our in Las Vegas.

Taking us one step further into the future, Panda Express has unveiled their latest kitchen innovation: The Panda Auto Wok AKA the PAW.

With the PAW, Panda Express aims to improve the guest experience as well as maintain chef retention.


So what does the PAW do?! It emphasizes three things: mixing methods, streamlined cooking process and operation efficiency. Mixing menu items evenly and quickly is one of the immediate and obvious improvements that PAW will make. The days of getting fried rice with 55 peas and 6 carrots now look to be a thing of the past!

It will additionally reduce cooking time by 25% ensuring the guest will get their food quicker and will support a better chef retention rate as one of the more demanding tasks is now alleviated. Motion based injuries will be reduced as a result of the PAW which is great news for hardworking Panda Express chefs.

Will robots completely replace our chefs and cooks? Not likely. Having robots in the kitchen to help with productivity however is definitely a positive lens to look through as technology gets deeper into our kitchens.

White Castle employing fry-making robots earlier this year was just the tip of the iceberg in restaurant innovation, and Panda Express is looking to capitalize on the movement.