Apple Pie Oreos Are Coming And We Need Them ASAP

Apple pie will be the latest pie-turned-Oreo when these debut in advance of Labor Day. What other pies should become Oreos? ?

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Apple pie lovers will soon be able to get a fix of the iconic American dessert in Oreo form. The Nabisco cookie brand just dropped a delicious-looking package design for the upcoming cookie variation.


According to Junk Banter, the new variation will debut in advance of Labor Day. It will more than likely feature a vanilla cookie as the sandwich and an apple pie-flavored creme as the center.

We still don't know yet which retailers will have the exclusive on the upcoming cookie, or if they'll be available everywhere, but we'll definitely keep an eye out for them.


Once we do find them, we're gonna squeeze some Cheese Whiz on top. Nothing goes better with apple pie like cheese, so why not try the same with these new Oreos?