Obligatory Cronut Knock-Off Update: The ‘Piessant’


Today’s Cronut Knock-Off of the Day (“#CKOotD”) comes from the Cake Hag pastry shop in Atlanta.

Unlike Starbucks’ most recent Duffin debacle, the "Piessant" actually combines the better parts of its two namesakes, flaky croissant dough wrapped around gooey pie fillings. Think a fruit filled hand-pie, only souped-up and sexy.


The Cake Hag website hasn’t yet rolled out a full list of flavors, but the photo featured on the company’s Facebook page has been identified as “Butter Almond.”

To be fair, the idea behind the Piessant isn’t so far-fetched. Croissants typically come with filling anyway, so why not swap in something a little fancier instead of your regular chocolate or blueberries or cheese? Ahem, Chicken Pot Piessant, anyone?

PicThx Cake Hag