This 3D Food Laser Is The T-1000 Of Nutrition Scanners


As the push for nan0technology increases, we can see a steady increase in gizmos and gadgets being invented, with seemingly endless concepts coming to fruition.

The electrical engineers at the University of Washington have unveiled a crowdfunding campaign for the NutriRay3D, a laser-guided mapping technology that works as a 3D scanner. When used, the device can more precisely estimate the nutritional information and calories on any given plate of food.


This might be the future for the calorie counters everywhere.

While it might look like something out of The Terminator series, the NutriRay3D is actually a very unique concept. The technology uses after market adapters to fit onto a smartphone, accesses the camera and uses a built-in "laser module" to create a 3D map of the food item being scanned.


The NutriRay3D is currently compatible with Windows Phone and Android operating systems. The engineers at University of Washington have set up an IndieGoGo project and hope to achieve funding for an iOS version.

Currently, the project is only at 6 percent of its $50,000 goal. NutriRay3D's developers plan to have a beta version ready for distribution to early backers by July 2016.