Japanese Boy Insists On Ordering McDonald’s All By Himself & Wins The Internet’s Heart


A young boy in Japan has become an instant celebrity after a photo of him carrying a McDonald’s meal he ordered all by himself went viral on Twitter.

The story behind the photo is that the boy wanted to order a McDonald’s meal without the help of his relatives. When the boy returns, you can see the look of accomplishment in his eyes — until you notice that he took the whole meal in the tray to-go instead of a to-go bag.

“Nephew – that’s a big mistake you made there,” the caption of the photo said. RocketNews24 translated the following comments from Twitter users.


“The look of satisfaction on his face is just too cute!”

“The tray is too much!”

“Imagine the looks he would’ve gotten from people on the way back to the car”

“I’m sorry – that’s not the way we do takeout!”


“This is a great way to give out ‘free smiles’ – the company should use this as part of their ‘smile for zero yen’ campaign.”

The boy is actually the nephew of a professional baseball player in Japan who plays for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham fighters. He regularly posts funny photos of him and his nephew on Twitter, according to RocketNews24

Written by NextShark