Photographer Takes A Revealing Peek Into The Dining Styles of New Yorkers


What’s your dinner style like? Do you have dinner at a table with family over laughter and conversation? Do you prefer solo style while catching up on your emails? Do you eat as a family with all eyes glued on a television screen? Japanese photographer Miho Aikawa answers all of these questions by simply photographing people having their typical dinner. In her series “Dinner in NYC”, she offers a glimpse into the private, or sometimes public in a restaurant or airplane or at the desk, eating habits of some selected New Yorkers.

It appears, in this series, the majority of people have some sort of a screen they are staring at while eating. This makes sense considering studies in Public Health Nutrition have revealed that over the last 30 years, the majority of eating has gone from a primary activity to a secondary activity, which means most people are distracted by other things while they are enjoying their meals. It seems most activities apart from sleeping are now secondary activities with the constant checking of screens so common in today’s society.

Aikawa explains:

My idea of this project is to propose what dinner is to people, how different it can be for everyone, and present the diversity found in this everyday act. When you enjoy mealtimes, you’re more likely to eat better. Needless to say, how people enjoy the many aspects of our lives, including dinner time, depends solely on that person.

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Written by VisualNews' Paul Caridad || Via