New York Gets Its First All-Bacon Restaurant


Bacon lovers have no need to worry about where they might find their next fried pork fix. The latest single dish-focused restaurant, BarBacon opened just last month in New York City with the spotlight on, you guessed it, bacon-laden dishes.

Though not the first in its class (Chicago opened up it’s first bacon-centric restaurant in August 2013), the dishes are certainly inventive if nothing short of outrageous. The gastropub's menu showcases the cured meat in sandwich, salad and even whiskey form. There's also the opportunity to take advantage of artisanal bacon with "The Tasting" that features four different selections of bacon (based on chef Peter Sherman’s choosing). If you’re feeling really bold, you can go for the ‘Beer & Bacon Flight’ complete with four artisanal bacons and complementary craft beers for each tasty bacon flavor.

Options for the bacon dishes range from Nueske's Applewood Smoked Bacon to a homemade lamb version to Father’s Country Maple Bacon. Other notable mentions on the menu (sure to cure any hangover) include the BarBacon Grilled Cheese with bacon, fontina and gruyere, and the All Day Sausage, Bacon, Egg & Cheese.


BarBacon can be on found on 836 9th Avenue, New York City.

Picthx BarBacon