Wine in a Paint Can is the New Boxed Wine


The dreaded purple teeth and purple lips go hand-in-hand with red wine consumption. And while you tell yourself it's like cheap lipstick, there are times when you've considered becoming a full-fledged white wine drinker.

Every year ad agency McCann Vilnius in Lithuania creates a limited edition wine packaging for the new batch of red wines released from Beaujolais Nouveau in November. Last year, McCann decided to flip this dread on its head by creating an innovative packaging that lets you dispense wine from a paint bucket, labeled with instructions on how many glasses of wine would turn your teeth and lips into a lovely 'desired' (not feared) shade of purple. Basically, McCann is making purple teeth and lips the pink. Or something like that.


The idea was inspired by the realization that wine not only makes people merry-drunk but also stains people's teeth and lips purple. The paint bucket packaging even comes with a typical paint label complete with a color chart depicting different hues of purple you can achieve. Check it out yo.