Mountain Dew Tries To Make Fruitcake Cool Again With New 'Fruit Quake' Flavor

Photo: Mountain Dew


Fruitcake is not good. Always thought it tasted like how an arts and crafts store smells during the holidays. Like how can something taste musty and fruity all at the same time? Plenty of folks would agree with my disdain for it, as it's a seasonal food that not many are even touching during its peak availability.

But Mountain Dew, ever intrepid with their exploration of flavors, has decided to try and make fruitcakes cool again with their newest offering called "Fruit Quake."

Mountain Dew's new Fruit Quake marries the brand's iconic citrus flavors with a "blast of the fruity taste of the holidays." Whether that appeals to the masses has yet to be determined, but if you're of the few that can appreciate fruitcake and wouldn't mind taking a sip of its flavors, then do check out new Mountain Dew Fruit Quake during its limited time run during the holiday season.