More Processed Ew: Subway Japan Has Barbecue Hot Dog Subs Now


There are a few reasons you still eat Subway and/or hot dogs. You actually like the taste of processed foodstuffs, you don’t care what quality control measures were or weren’t taken for your food to get to your table or you really had no idea both were actually kind of gross. If you’re of the latter persuasion, I sincerely half-apologize, but at least now you can’t be fooled into thinking these Barbecue Hot Dog Subs from Subway Japan might actually taste good.

In celebration of summer, Subway Japan is offering a hot dog barbecue sub through the end of August, according to Brand Eating. Technically the dog is a “coarsely ground juicy sausage,” which sounds a little like what might be served at a bitter ex-girlfriends convention, but it sure looks like our regular pureed whole-chicken meat tubes.


Supposedly the six-inch is available for around $5, a steep cost for something so small, pink and flaccid.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating