Mom Tries Ordering Pizza With Domino's App, Fails Miserably

Technology is not always kind to parents, so we can see how using a pizza ordering app can be confusing, especially if you've been using the ol' telly all your life.

A mom gave the Domino's app a shot, and it turned out about as badly as possible. BJ Stead, guitarist for Miss May I, tweeted a photo of the pizza, and it looked a little bare, as his mother forgot to select the cheese and sauce option on the app.

It was basically crust and pepperoni.


You'd think someone at Domino's would have given them a courtesy call, and asked if there was some kind of mistake, but no. They just sent the pizza, like assholes.

Then Domino's tried making things better on Twitter by sending out a default help link that was not helpful, at all.

Eventually, DiGiorno stepped in and actually did something useful by providing Stead not only pizza with both sauce and cheese, but a year supply of it.


On top of the sweet hookup, DiGiorno hit them with the sweet mic drop, saying, "We... delivered."

While some question the validity of the pizza, saying that you have to try really hard to mess up a pizza that badly, and that there's a popup that notify's you about the cheeseless option you're about to embark on, BJ Stead has fought people in the comments, swearing it actually went down.

Hopefully Mama Stead got a redo, and the family got a chance to eat some pizza with the full array of ingredients.