Each Of These Gummies Has As Much Caffeine As A Cup Of Coffee

A company has launched a set of caffeine gummies that they claim has the "highest caffeine concentration available on the market." Each gummy has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, but apparently comes with less of the resulting jitters.

caffeine gummiesPhoto courtesy of Seattle Gummy Company

Seattle Gummy Company's new Mocca Shots are designed to be like coffee on the go, but in gummy form. A pack of Mocca Shots comes with 2 caffeinenated gummies, each containing 100 mg of the energy-boosting compound, which is slightly more than your average cup of coffee.


As for the jitters, Seattle Gummy Company reduces them by adding dark chocolate into their gummies. Apparently, chocolate can help reduce some of the anxious side-effects caffeine can normally have upon consumption. The gummies also help the caffeine to metabolize faster, meaning you'll feel the energy flowing within minutes.

Mocca Shots have enough caffeine and other beneficial functions to compete with coffee, especially on the go. As such, it's a potential challenge to coffee itself, since it equals or beats the beverage on caffeine, side-effects, and convenience.

You can get four two-packs of the caffeine gummies for $9.99. You can find them on Seattle Gummy Company's website or at various retailers throughout Seattle.