MMMHops! – Hanson’s Got Its Own Craft Beer Now – Ba Duba Dop Ba Du, Yeah Yeah


It’s only slightly less useless than the “You Must Be 21 or Over” splash on alcohol websites, but it seems the Hanson brothers (yes, those Hanson brothers) now have their very own brand of beer, with what could be either the worst or the most brilliant brand name ever.

Fellow Tiger Beat readers, meet Mmmhops.


The result of a joint venture with the craft beer Mustang Brewing company in Oklahoma, Hanson’s new Mmmhops Pale Ale is part celebration of the band’s 21st anniversary, part promotion for its upcoming studio album, part disaster relief for victims of the recent Oklahoma tornadoes, and part perfect new excuse for butchering the song lyrics. The brew is currently in its final recipe testing stages and will be hitting the market soon, though you can catch a glimpse of it in The Hangover Part III.


H/T Austinist + PicThx Beer Pulse