A1 Sauce Debuts Meat-Scented Candles So Your House Can Smell Like A BBQ

A good barbecue with the squad should leave your clothes imbued with a smoky scent blended with the aromas of grilled meats. While we don't want that to always linger on what we're wearing, there's now meat-scented candles so those fragrances can stick around your house.

meat-scented candles
Photo courtesy of A1.

A1 (yes, the steak sauce brand) revealed a trio of flavors for their meat candles, including "Classic Burger," "Original Meat," and "Backyard BBQ." Those looking to get the OG A1 scent should opt for the "Original Meat" variety, as it contains the "signature aroma" of the steak sauce.

The limited edition meat-scented candles are an off-the-wall attempt from A1 to get into the branded merch business for Father's Day. It's ideal if you're a fan of grilled and smoked meats and don't mind having the odors waft through your house for hours on end.

If those scents relax you, the tapers can last for 50-70 hours, meaning you can get plenty of quality carnivorous aromatherapy in before they burn out.

A1's candles are now available on a special "Meat Scents" website, where they're going for $14.99 each.