This Ultra-Rare McGold Card Could Get You Free McDonald's FOR LIFE

Once available only to the creme de la creme or national heroes, we're all now getting a chance to own the mythical McGold Card for ourselves, and it's good for free McDonald's for LIFE.

mcgold cardPhoto courtesy of McDonald's


Usually, this is a pass for free Mickey D's reserved for the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Rob Lowe, and can vary in terms of where it's redeemable. Bill Gates's card, for example, is good across the world, whereas Warren Buffett's only works in Omaha, Nebraska. Citizen heroes can get it too, like Charles Ramsey, who rescued three women that were kidnapped in Cleveland. His version of the pass was good for unlimited burgers for life at 14 different locations.

This new "Mobile McGold Card," however, is good at any location in the world, although how much food you can get is slightly restricted. The ultra-exclusive pass is good for 50 years and can be redeemed for two free meals per week. Thus, if this was used on a more standard meal (like a Big Mac Combo, for example), its total value easily eclipses $30,000. That's a whole lotta burgers.


To be eligible to win this McGold Card, all you have to do is download and place a mobile order on the McDonald's app between August 10-24. Only one of these passes will be given away to someone randomly drawn from the qualifying pool.

If you are chosen, the card will be sent to you in the form of a custom 24-karat gold phone case (good for iPhone or Android) that has your name etched into it. That way, you can feel just as exclusive as Bill Gates when you next pop into a Mickey D's.