McDonald's Manager Gets $110,000 Reward For Serial Killer Tip

A McDonald's manager gave a major break to law enforcement that were searching for a man connected with multiple murders. Now, she's getting a massive $110,000 reward for the info she provided.

The suspect, Howell Emanuel Donaldson III, was actually an employee at the location Delonda Walker managed in Seminole Heights, Florida. She tipped off a local police officer when she discovered his loaded gun in the restaurant. Donaldson, who had been terrorizing the neighborhood for a couple of months with seemingly random shootings, was arrested on four counts of first-degree murder as a result, NBC4 Washington reports.

In a recent press conference, officials confirmed that Walker would be receiving all of the subsequent reward money offered up in connection with Donaldson's capture. While the initial reward amount was $5,000, other agencies, organizations, and private citizens combined to bring the final total up to the $110,000 figure. Since the money is coming from multiple sources, it may take a while for Walker to get the full amount. Nonetheless, Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan ensured that she would "receive every penny," according to WTSP.

While Walker isn't appearing in public or answering questions out of respect for the families affected by the murders, she did release a statement regarding her involvement in the case.


"I went to work on Tuesday intending to serve customers and do my job.  The day turned out very differently.  When confronted with this situation, I wanted to do the right thing and I reached out to a nearby police officer. Receiving a reward never entered my mind.

Looking back, I am grateful to know I was helpful in assisting law enforcement."