Donut Sticks Are Officially Coming To McDonald's Breakfast Menus Nationwide

After information was leaked earlier this year, McDonald's is now officially confirming that Donut Sticks are heading to their breakfast menus nationwide.

Photo courtesy of McDonald's

The Donut Sticks will be a limited time item, and are slated to hit breakfast menus starting February 20th. As reported in the leaks, they will be available in orders of 6 or 12, with a bundle of 6 Donut Sticks plus a coffee also for sale.


News of the Donut Sticks comes after Dunkin' Donuts made it splash in the fast food breakfast game with their own Donut Fries. The two items are pretty similar to each other, with both consisting of fried dough sticks tossed in cinnamon sugar. A key difference may be in the dough, since Dunkin' claims to use a "croissant-style" dough while McDonald's does not. Dunkin' also sells theirs in groups of 5, not the half dozen and dozen-stick orders McDonald's will be selling.

It'll be interesting to see how the two donut fry rivals stack up against each other when McDonald's version drops.