McDonald's Apologizes For Limited Szechuan Release, Is Bringing It Back Due To Public Outcry

Chances are you didn't get to try McDonald's Szechuan sauce this past weekend, as the fast food restaurant decided to do a limited edition release for the popular condiment similar to a rare sneaker drop, leaving many fans upset.

Thankfully, the fast food giant immediately announced it felt bad that it was so limited and would be releasing another batch this winter.


The Szechuan sauce was only made available in a limited amount of stores across the country, and even then, they only gave out between 20-40 per store, causing dramatic fans to literally protest.

After an aggressive outcry from Rick and Morty fans, who are the reason McDonald's brought it back in the first place, the Golden Arches has decided to make it more accessible this time around, saying:

"We're bringing more—a lot more—so that any fan who's willing to do whatever it takes for Szechuan sauce will only have to ask for it at a nearby McDonald's."


That statement sounds like they're getting rid of the "limited" factor of the sauce in hopes that all fans can try it this time around. We probably shouldn't expect it to be permanent menu item, but at least it will be more readily available.

In an interview with Foodbeast, McDonald's Chef Mike Haracz said there were no initial plans to have a full release of the Szechuan dip, but the public outcry from sad Rick and Morty fans has clearly forced their hand.

You can't really blame McDonald's for hyping up the limited release and leaving people wanting more, but it's a nugget sauce, not a pair of Jordans. It's nice that they're actually going to makes things right after such a negative response from customers, though.