McDonald's Japan 'American Vintage' Menu Debuts January 2014


McDonalds Japan is bringing customers back to the good ol' days with their new "American Vintage" menu items. Similar to McDonalds France's "Breads & America" promotion Japan has created burgers that supposedly sums up American culture.


The American Vintage menu features "1950's diner fare, 1970's soul food and 1980's pop culture cuisine". The three menus will make their debut throughout January and February. The 1950's American Diner will kick off the promotion with menu items available starting January 7 and lasting until about the end of the month.

Items on the 1950's themed menu includes the Diner Double Beef with Chicago-style steak sauce and mashed potatoes (as seen below). It also looks like McDonalds' signature round egg also sits atop the retro burger. Other items include the Diner Honey Mustard and Classic Fries with cheese and bacon flavor topping. Seriously McDonalds, if those fries don't scream America I don't know what will. How about making those bad boys available on our side of the world?



The 1970's Soul Food menu includes items that literally have the word "groovy" in front of them to get them in that 70's spirit. The sandwiches are "Hot & Groovy" and are available in both chicken and beef. The 1970's menu will run from the end of January until mid-February when the 1980's Pop Culture menu will round out the promotion until the start of March. Similar to the laziness of the 1970's menu the supposed pop culture menu includes American BBQ Chicken, which is a fried chicken patty that looks a bit like a McChicken just sitting on some barbecue sauce. Yes, there's a beef version of this too, the American BBQ Beef is a McDouble with some bacon on top of a barbecue sauce soaked bun. Yum.

H/T + PicThx RocketNews24