McDonald's Hires a Mythbuster to Prove They're Not as Bad as You Think

mcd myth buster

There's something about eating at McDonald's that makes me feel like I could die at any point when biting into a Quarter Pounder. McDonald's is starting to catch on that a lot of people feel the same way, and they're going to try and change that.


According to Burger Business, Mickey D's has hired a professional debunker, Mythbusters co-host Grant Imahara to answer customer questions. They want to show that any skepticism, any doubt, any questions you have about McDonald's can be answered and give you peace of mind about the quality of what you're eating there.

Sure, stories of customers finding worms in their iced tea, or that the french fries are flammable, or that cheeseburgers turn into goop in your stomach haven't helped their cause, but they seem confident in answering all these questions.


Imahara will take part in the "Our Food, Your Questions" campaign, and will be given access to customers via social media. As customers ask questions on Twitter and Facebook, Imahara will try to figure out the answers, including to such as, "Is there pink slime in any of the food?" and "Is your food even real?"

My first question would be, "Why do they always put onions on my burger when I clearly ask for no onions?"