McDonald's Cashier Caught Trying To Dispose Newborn In Restaurant Toilet

Photo: Pixabay

A McDonald's employee gave birth at work, then tried to flush the newborn child down a toilet, according to the Los Angeles Times. The mother, McDonald's cashier Sarah Lockner is now facing attempted murder charges for her actions.

During her shift at a Redwood City, Calif. location, Lockner complained about stomach pain and made several trips to the bathroom. A couple of employees came in to check up on her and found blood on the floor. Lockner told them she was having a heavy menstrual cycle, but one of her coworkers saw the infant face-down in the toilet. Lockner then flushed the toilet, begging the others to not call the police, which they did anyway.

When police arrived, the baby boy had no pulse or breath. While the cops were able to successfully perform CPR and the infant is alive and now in stable condition, it is not yet known how much brain damage he will suffer as a result of his mother's actions.

Lockner and her boyfriend both claim to have not known that she was pregnant. However, she has been charged with attempted murder and child abuse causing great bodily injury. The Palo Alto Daily Post reports that she could face a lifetime sentence if convicted.