McDonald's Addresses That Nasty McRib Photo We All Retweeted Last Year


The McRib is currently making its annual appearance in McDonald's stores across the US and with the fast food chain doing its Mythbuster-esque video series, they've decided to shed some light on that terrible looking frozen McRib photo that circulated around this time last year.

Granted, most unprepared food looks unappetizing, but McDonald's took a pretty good hit through social media and probably felt the need to explain.

So, yes, McDonald's flash freezes their McRibs, and they're very transparent about it in the video. They set up the video by introducing a man who supposedly retweeted the photo of the frozen McRib last year and was disgusted by it. They then took him and Grant Imahara, the guy who's been hosting these videos, on a tour to show how the McRib is made.


Like the other videos in this series, nothing shocking is shown. They just show the process of how the pork is prepared and explain how it's shipped to stores.

I won't lie, I love the McRib and wouldn't care if they used Mr. Freeze's nut sack to flash-freeze them. Just take all my money.

PicThx Reddit