McDonald's Released A SNICKERS McFlurry In Pakistan

McDonald's McFlurry is a fantastic blank slate to try out new flavors and expand the burger chain's dessert choices. We've seen Japan release a Gudetama flavor recently that consisted of sponge cake, custard, and caramel, and even a Durian flavor in Singapore.

Well, an iconic candy bar will be getting its very own version of the McFlurry overseas.


Design Taxi reports that McDonald's locations in Pakistan, Hungary, Malta, and Cyprus have introduced a limited-time Snickers version of the McFlurry.


Those expecting chunks of Snickers bars mixed into the ice cream will be disappointed, however, as the ingredients are more "inspired" by Snickers. The blend of vanilla soft-serve is combined with chocolate, roasted peanuts, and a swirl of caramel sauce.

Still, not complaining at all.

While the item has yet to make its debut in the U.S., here's hoping it gains enough momentum overseas to be considered by the burger behemoth to introduce here.