McDonald's Reveals Their Entire Breakfast History

McDonald's had it pretty rough last year with their sales. However, things turned around for the company once they started offering All Day Breakfast for select items, and more recently, the complete breakfast menu.

As a result, customers have been flocking to the fast food chain to get their breakfast fix at all hours of the day. The Golden Arches reported that a huge amount of orders from lunch or dinner include Sausage McMuffins or a similar breakfast dish.

In some key insights into the appeal of their breakfast menu options, McDonald's finally revealed the entire history of their breakfast with a new infographic chronicling the timeline for the popular menu.


The infographic can be seen below and takes a fast food journey through the early morning rushes of McDonald's' past. The Egg McMuffin being around for 45 years really puts its enduring appeal into perspective.

Photo: McDonald's