These 'Bite-Sized Horror' Shorts From Mars Candy Are Extremely Terrifying

Candy giant Mars is doing something a little different this Halloween season. They've come up with a series of bone-chilling "bite-sized horror" shorts that might be as creepy as Pennywise.

So far, three ads of the mini horror series have popped up on FOX television network channels. Don't mistake these for regular candy commercials, though. You'll only see whichever candy is presenting the scary flick for the first half second before the story completely envelops and terrifies you.

Folks have already begun to air ads that have already popped up on TV onto YouTube. The above ad, called "Floor 9.5," is presented by Skittles and first aired on FS1 during a baseball playoff game, which caused many heads to turn.


Another short, backed by Starburst and titled "Replacement," has also aired on TV and uploaded to YouTube. Peep that one above if you don't want to sleep tonight.

Adweek reports that in total, as many as a dozen of these creepy clips will air across FOX networks over the next couple of weeks. Adweek was able to get their hands on a couple additional skits, including "Live Bait" presented by Snickers and "The Road" by M&M's.


The M&M's feature reportedly aired over the past weekend on The NFL on Fox. It's unclear as to whether the Snickers-presented segment has launched yet, or when it will be spotted on TV.

However, we'll be keeping our eye on FOX's stations for the next couple of weeks to track that and any upcoming freaky flicks down. As frightened as we may be from the "Bite-Sized Horror" series, we still want to see what other spooky tricks Mars has up its sleeve.