Man Attempts To Eat At Every Single McDonald's In London In One Day [WATCH]

More often than not, especially when we're hungry, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. This rings especially true for one 23-year-old London native named James Ware.

According to the video posted by the Daily Mirror, Ware woke up so hungry one morning that he decided to create a long distance eating challenge for himself. Ware would attempt to eat something at every McDonald's location in London, tracking down all 46 of them and bursting in with the fervor and energy of a thousand suns.


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I'm sure we all thought the same thing at some point: "Won't he get sick of eating McDonald's that many times in one day?" Well, that's kind of the point of the challenge. Ware claimed that he would find out by the end of the challenge whether he's "lovin' it or loathin' it."

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Ware managed to get through all 46 of the establishments, and pulled it off in just about 17 hours, too. His main mode of transportation (other than his trusty legs) was a Boris bike, a bicycle you can rent at a multitude of locations and then later return to any of the conveniently located drop-off zones.

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In total, Ware consumed an astounding 15,000 calories. He also spent a little under £90 on this McMission, which would come out to about $130.

Photo Credit: The Daily Mirror