Man Accidentally Charged $27,000 for Chicken Parmesan


Sometimes restaurants make mistakes. Whether it's confusing your drink order or forgetting how you want your steak prepared, mess ups are bound to happen from time to time. James Morgan, a 22-year-old customer of the Chop House in Knoxville, was charged a just little extra for his chicken parmesan and two beers, reports WATE.

In what should have cost him a bit over $20, Morgan was charged for $27,000. One could buy a new Acura for that much.

It looks like Morgan wasn't the only customer to fall victim to such an egregious error. Another woman claimed she was charged $80,000 from the restaurant. About a dozen others have since reported charges ranging from $8,000 to $99,000.


According Nicki Dawson, the CEO of the Chop Shop's parent company, a system glitch in the debit/credit card processor is to blame for the major overcharges. Though luckily customers personal information were not compromised in any way. It seems the glitch only affected patrons of the Chop House who dined on Oct. 21. The restaurant is working to get the charges reversed.

The Chop House is working to cover the overdraft fee for the customers impacted by the glitch. Anyone who paid with a card on Oct. 21 and experienced an overcharge can call Melissa Jones with Connor Concepts at (865) 777-2677 ext. 10.