This Is How Much Candy You'd Have To Eat To Literally Kill Yourself [WATCH]

Halloween has come and gone, now you have a bunch of treats in your house, and those clearance candy sales are about to get good at the grocery store.

You've probably already gone through your whole supply of Snickers, not only feeling that sugar rush, but now you hate yourself, and think you're going to die a diabetes-filled death.

While that train of thought is a little extreme, there is actually an amount of candy consumed that can kill you. It's not a practical amount, but it is technically possible.

The American Chemical Society broke down the deadly candy numbers through their Reactions YouTube account, and it really is an ungodly amount of candy.

The average American weighs around 180 pounds, so in order to reach a deadly dose, a person would have to eat about 2,440 grams of sugar.



In candy terms, you'd have to eat 5.4 pounds of candy in one sitting to achieve that sugary number.

To break it down even further, a Fun Size candy bar usually has about 9.3 grams of sugar and 75 calories, so that adds up to about 262 pieces of chocolate, which adds up to 20,000 calories worth of candy.


Challenge accepted.

Check out the video for all the science behind it. Just don't go off and eat hundreds of pieces of chocolate, but if you do, live stream it, and tell us about it, please.