Five Simple Hacks That Bring Your Takeout Leftovers Back To Life


It's Friday night and you ordered way too much Chicken Tikka Masala from that neighborhood Indian place you love. You stick the leftovers in the fridge, feeling the anticipation building for tomorrow's awesome lunch, but start to wonder how to make tomorrow's meal taste as good as it did tonight. You could just throw your delicious chicken in the microwave like a conformist, or you can take a couple extra minutes to really do those leftovers justice.

While still tasty, oftentimes our leftovers get can get a little boring, which is a bummer because there's potential for them to be so much more than 'salvageable.'

That's where our chef and food artist buddy, Clifford Endo Gullibert, or Foodinese, comes in to save the day. Chefs have to deal with leftovers too, and luckily Foodinese was willing to share some of his secrets with GrubHub.

With easy ways to turn your leftovers like chicken wings into savory buffalo chicken sandwiches, these takeout hacks will leave you feeling like the Steph Curry of leftovers:



Leftover Wings --> Coleslaw and Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Not only can you easily debone your wings for a chicken sandwich, but you can turn those veggie sticks that are often overlooked into a coleslaw compliment. Gullibert said the coleslaw is his favorite leftovers hack because it's "Straightforward, quick and delicious."


Leftover Cheesesteak -> Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls


If wonton wrappers aren't usually on your grocery list, these mouth-watering cheesesteak egg rolls will definitely change that. Hell, you should take any leftover meat and use this same egg roll method.

Leftover Fries --> French Fry Waffle

Day old French fries are the worst. They get soggy and stale, but we never have the heart to throw them out. Here's a way to bring them back to life and turn them into a savory breakfast WAFFLE. Foodinese is no stranger to interesting French fry creations, just look as his French Fry Crust Pizza.

Leftover Spaghetti --> Spaghetti Bun Meatball Burger


If you thought the ramen burger was insane, you're going to flip when you turn your leftover spaghetti into a burger. Those leftover noodles can easily be transformed into a bun, then you just sandwich the meatball in the middle and you've got yourself a burger.

Leftover Tikka Masala --> Chicken Tikka Burrito

Chicken Tikka Masala is still delicious the day after, so think about how ridiculously good it'd be in burrito form. Bring home some of that naan and make yourself a burrito, player.


There you have it. You no longer have to be a slave to the microwave. Next time you have leftovers sitting in the fridge, you'll know how to take care of them and yourself.