Lay’s Is Bringing Back Sriracha, Chicken & Waffles and Cheesy Garlic, Because Of Course They Are


All right, show of hands, who didn’t call this one? Nobody? That’s what we thought.


Remember how a few months ago people were talking about those new Sriracha Lay’s chips or Chicken and Waffle Lay’s chips (but never the Cheesy Garlic ones, let’s be real) that you just had to try? And remember how all three flavors were supposed to be in a competition or something and you were supposed to vote somehow on which one would get to stay as an actual flavor and which two would fade sadly into obscurity?

Yeah, about that. Turns out Lay’s was just being a big old tease and is letting us have all three flavors anyway because they clearly have no idea what commitment actually means. It’s like two high school sweethearts who broke up after prom and continue to hook up all summer before college starts. You’re just prolonging the inevitable guys. And I’m sure these new flavors will just be back for a “limited time” before you tear them away from us again with the half-hearted promise that we’ll “stay friends” or “keep in touch.” Well let me just say, I’m getting real tired of your sh*t Lay’s, and I will not stand for this. I may sit down for it. At a summer picnic. With color-coded bowls. But no standing. Absolutely not.


On the plus side, at least we’ll actually be able to try all the flavors now, right?

PicThx Lay’s