Korean Girls Try American Pizza For The First Time [WATCH]

If you've never tried American pizza before, you're missing out. No, we're not talking about the fast-food ones you can order with through a mobile app or through a Tweet.

Rather, the iconic ones from the mom-and-pop spots in cities like New York, Chicago and Detroit.


In Korea, most pizza offerings feature ingredients that lean more towards the sweet side. So it's safe to assume that a decent amount of people in the country have yet to try an authentic American Pizza.

The folks over at Digitalsoju TV did an experiment, getting Korean girls to try American pizza for the first time from the three American cities best known for making them. They grabbed pies from Gino's NY Pizza (New York), Pizza Iconic (Detroit) and Uno Chicago Grill (Chicago).

Check out these ladies' reactions to the delicious American pies.