Kool-Aid Is Letting You Have Your Slime and Eat It Too

Popping open the bag of slime ingredients, I was hit with an unmistakable sugary, vaguely cherry smell that sent me back to a time of diagonal-cut grilled cheeses and light up Sketchers: ah, Kool-Aid.

First it was powder packets, then it was juice pouches, and now Kool-Aid is teaming up with YouTuber Karina Garcia to bring its trademark flavors to a new platform — slime. 


Garcia started making instructional YouTube videos on how to create slime about four years ago and has amassed over 9 million subscribers since then. Her videos have gone over slime made from nearly every substance on earth, from candles to spicy ramen. She’s also launched a line of DIY slime making kits and written a couple books (only two of which are about slime). 

Seriously, the amount of slime-related content she’s made would make Young Thug jealous. 


This time, it’s Kool-Aid. And it’s edible. These are truly revolutionary times. 

The slime is well, slimey. It’s a little grainy and maintains the stretchiness of Play-Doh, but it’s definitely something you can get weird with. The taste is true to Kool-Aid and packs the same, sweet punch it always has. 

Kool-Aid's Edible Slime will be available exclusively at CVS, and be sure to tag @KarinaGarcia and @CraftCityLife on Instagram to share your creations with the Slime Queen of YouTube herself.