Kit Kat Croissants Are Japan's Newest Delicacy And They Look AMAZING


Pronto, a coffeehouse in Japan that serves everything from pastries to pizza, just added an amazing new pastry to its menu: Kit Kat Croissants. Let's take a moment to appreciate how awesome something like this exists.

RocketNews24 reports that the pastry is served in two different varieties: The Kit Kat Croissant for Cafe and the Matcha Green Tea. The first features the traditional milk chocolate bars inside the croissant, while the latter uses the popular green tea Kit Kat.


Each Kit Kat Croissant can be eaten as is, or toasted upon request for a meltier snack.

If you're currently in Japan or plan a trip out sometime in the near future, please bring us back some. Not joking.

Photo: Pronto