KFC Japan Offering Pumpkin-Flavored Biscuits for Halloween

KFC-Pumpkin-BiscuitWe can't tell if the Pumpkin trend is ending or just getting started anymore. Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan has added a new Halloween-inspired biscuit to their menu and, guess what, it's pumpkin-flavored. The biscuits are actually made with kabocha, a green squash that looks like a smaller version of a pumpkin though less bitter and a bit more moist.

Close enough, right?

The pumpkin biscuits can be purchased individually or as a part of the Halloween combo bucket KFC is offering. The bucket will come with two pumpkin biscuits, six pieces of chicken and two small fries. Japanese children can finish their chicken and even use the bucket as a candy container on All Hallows' Eve.


The biscuits and Halloween bucket will be available for purchase Oct. 16. Customers of KFC Japan can purchase them as a combo for 1,850 yen ($17.09 US) or the biscuits individually for 180 yen ($1.66).

Anyone else think they look kind of like donuts?