KFC Is Now Testing A Cheetos-Filled Sandwich With A Custom 'Cheetos Sauce'

Our late night culinary fusions of fast food sandwiches and crunchy, cheesy Cheetos are becoming a reality we no longer have to hack for ourselves.

Photo courtesy of KFC

KFC's newest item, the Cheetos Sandwich, takes that college food combo and elevates it to a point where you can't just replicate it at your local corner store. In addition to cramming Cheetos and fried chicken into the same bun, they've also drenched the interior with a custom Cheetos sauce made by Frito-Lay.


It's the nighttime guilty pleasure we've all either made or dreamed of creating ourselves. The only thing missing to take this sandwich beyond insanity? A Flamin' Hot version.

The new Cheetos Sandwich is being tested for a limited time at participating locations in the following regions:

  • VIRGINIA: Roanoke, Richmond
  • NORTH CAROLINA: Raleigh, Greensboro
  • GEORGIA: Greenville