This Pizza Was Made With A Keg And Has An ALL-MEAT CRUST


The BBQ Pit Boys channel on YouTube has a ridiculous video where they use a beer can mold a bacon cheeseburger. Someone took that concept, injected it with steroids and created a mega monster that could destroy your whole reality.

According to NOLA, the crazy pizza pie pictured above is called the Beer Keg Bacon Burger Pizza and required 17 pounds of ground beef, three pounds of sausage, a pound of ham, pepperoni, tomato sauce, bell peppers, mushrooms and four cheeses.

The creator of this beast is Charlie Sims and he named it after the method he used to mold the pie.

He made a giant meatball and placed a beer keg over top of it. That little trick created the base as he then added bacon around the perimeter and loaded the middle with meat, sauce, veggies and cheese.

Sims said he cut it into 30 pieces and it fed about 20 people.


Check out the full recipe and story on NOLA.


h/t thatsnerdalicious, picthx Charlie Sims