Someone Actually Let Jose Cuervo Mix A Margarita In Space


Since outer space is just there, being all spacey and unproductive, Jose Cuervo decided it'd be a great idea to go up there and shake things up with some booze.

The popular tequila company convinced a team of rocket scientists in Arizona to launch a margarita into outer space and mix it above our beautiful planet Earth.

Jose Cuervo says they pioneered the margarita, so naturally, mixing one in space is the only way to top that original feat.


The high winds tossed and turned the margarita, and by the time the margarita came back down to earth, it was completely frozen. They were probably hoping to shoot cheesy footage of everyone celebrating the achievement by drinking the margarita, but the freeze put a cap on that real quick.

The space footage is actually pretty cool, so check it out: