JEFF'S TABLE: Grilled Cheese, Your Favorite Sandwich's Favorite Sandwich

Cheese, sliced bread, butter. To tastebuds, this is their holy trinity. Apply heat and you've got a godsend to your palate.

For a sandwich as simple as the venerable grilled cheese, its level of satisfaction far surpasses the effort put into making quite possibly the GOAT of sandwiches. And that's perfectly fine. Simplicity can bring about a purity in greatness. When the formula works, why shake things up for the sake of predictable mediocrity?


They say The Roaring Twenties was but a mere meow before the modern version of the grilled cheese sandwich originated during that time. We totally get it. You know who else does? Jeff and his blank canvas of a table. Watch as Foodbeast's latest episode of Jeff's Table spotlights the work of art that is a perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

Grab a seat at Jeff's Table and share in all the melty, crunchy goodness. And make sure to stay tuned for further taste-triggering episodes.

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