Jack in the Box Releases New Garlic-Butter Drenched 'Buttery Jack'



Jack in the Box is going to unleash a couple of buttery burgers Thursday, January 29, and Foodbeast got dibs on the burgers while they shot their Super Bowl ad.

The two new burgers consist of a quarter-pound of beef with garlic herb butter melted onto the patty, sandwiched between a new "gourmet signature bun." The Classic Buttery Jack Burger will have creamy tomato sauce, green leaf lettuce, fresh tomatoes and Provolone cheese. The Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack Burger will feature creamy bacon mayo, hickory smoked bacon and Swiss cheese.



Our own Marc Kharrat went to Los Angeles where Jack was shooting the #ButterBelieveIt commercial and was one of the first to try them both, as hungry Jack in the Box employees huddled around awaiting a reaction.

"It was really delicious, the bun was so soft and buttery. The garlic herb butter melted into the patty gave the burger a very gourmet feel. To quote Jules from Pulp Fiction, it was some serious gourmet sh*t."

Jack staffers set up camp and started pulling in random people off the streets of L.A. to try the new burgers. The burger testers weren't told where the burgers were from, so staffers risked the chance of people saying they sucked, but the burgers were generally given positive feedback, Marc says.


There was the one guy who said, "It's definitely not Jack in the Box. I'm not a big fan of Jack in the Box burgers," but even that guy thought the burger was pretty good.

Jack himself was at the shoot, though he was being a creeper, hiding inside a tent. Turns out they were filming in there too, as you'll see in the video below. Jack would periodically come out of his tent to surprise the burger testers, who could not believe they were eating a Jack in the Box burger.

So, good for you, Marc. Glad you liked it. The rest of us mortals have to wait until tomorrow to give our own verdicts on this buttery bad boy.

Photos by Marc Kharrat