In-N-Out Burger Opened a Pop-Up Store in Japan

You remember the hooplah surrounding In-N-Out Burger's expansion into Texas last year? Imagine the kind of hysteria that would occur if the popular burger chain evaded expanding into the East Coast of the United States and went straight for...Japan?

According to a sighting by website and some extended investigation by our friend Nancy Luna of the OC Register, it appears that In-N-Out did indeed open a pop-up shop in Tokyo during the month of March. While not a permanent fixture of the region, an In-N-Out spokesman confirmed that the chain does do events like these in other countries, "they are just one part of our efforts to promote and expand our brand as well as reach out to customers around the world."

The pop-up shop isn't an indicator of expansion into Tokyo, but it does give the brand a chance to gauge acceptance of their food in potential unfamiliar markets.


Where should the next In-N-Out pop-up store be?