In Case You Missed It: Real Life 'Wallace & Gromit' Pancake Maker [VIDEO]


I'm a full-bred American, but something about the charming British adventures of "Wallace & Gromit" have always had a soft spot in my heart. Their witty, time-saving inventions always amaze me and we were delighted to find that someone actually spent A LOT of time making this Wallace & Gromit-inspired pancake maker.

The UK's The Happy Egg Company teamed up with some talented designers to create The Pancake-omatic. It took four design engineers more than 200 hours to build and another 100 hours to test this breakfast-making machine.

I believe this sets the record for fastest farm-to-table meal ever.


The invention will go on display later this month at the Design Museum in London for all to gawk at. Way to make Wallace proud, Happy Egg Co.

Below is a clip from the actual show for a comparison:

Not too shabby.