Impossible Foods To Make 4 Million 'Bleeding' Burgers A Month

Impossible Foods has been booming in the last couple of years. The company behind the revolutionary "bleeding" veggie burger has only appeared in a few restaurants, but has turned many meat-eating heads with the way it imitates a perfectly medium rare, bloody burger.

Currently only six upscale restaurants serve the vegan item, reports CNET. Three other restaurants were announced to serve the burger this week. However, Impossible Foods just announced an ambitious goal for the 2017: adding the burger to 1,000 restaurants by the end of the year.

In a recent press event coinciding with Impossible Foods' first large-scale production facility, CEO and Founder Patrick Brown annouced a goal of serving 4 million burgers a month within a year.


The new facility, when fully ramped up, could make at least 1 million pounds of "meat" (from plants) in a month. Hopefully, this admirable goal leads to more recognition for the company.

Last year, a few fellow Foodbeasts actually drove down to Crossroads Kitchen and tried the burger for themselves. We're excited to see more of the "bleeding" burger in the months to come. As much as we love meat, it's always nice to have more delicious vegan options out there.