IKEA Is Serving An All-Black Hot Dog In Japan

We've seen quite a few fast food items with black buns over the past few years. That Burger King Halloween Whopper still haunts us to this day. Now, IKEA Japan is introducing a new dish that's as dark.

They're calling it the Ninja Dog, RocketNews reports.


Ninja Dogs? #hotdog #ninja #ninjadog #ikea

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IKEA's new menu item is as black as the night. Seems appropriate with "ninja" in the name. The dish features an all-black hot dog that's wrapped in an all-black bun. The only actual color customers will see will be from the condiments they decide to throw on the dog.


Its color comes from edible bamboo charcoal.

You can find it at any IKEA location in Japan for about 300 yen ($2.95 US) until the end of the year.