Chipotle Requests Staff To Stop Eating Chicken Due To Strong Sales Of Chicken Al Pastor

The popular Chicken al Pastor from Chipotle made a return in March 2024 for a limited time and there are no signs of its popularity slowing down.


For those not familiar, Chipotle's Chicken al Pastor features a blend of seared morita peppers and ground achiote, complemented by a touch of pineapple, fresh lime, and hand-chopped cilantro, which can be ordered as a bowl, burrito, or salad. Reddit users even wonder why the al pastor isn't Chipotle's every day chicken offering.

In fact, the love for the chain's Chicken al Pastor is so strong that Chipotle has been inundated with requests for it ever since it debuted in March 2023.

Photo: Chipotle


In Chipotle's recent earnings report, they noted that Chicken al Pastor, "drove strong sales and transactions." As per a post-earnings note by analyst Mark Kalinowski, shared by food journalist, Nancy Luna, "Chicken Al Pastor has sold so well in April that Chipotle has asked its general managers and restaurant employees to refrain from eating chicken at its restaurants until further notice. This is to help make sure that Chipotle has enough supply of chicken in the near-term."

I mean, can we blame them? They have to give the Chipotle fans what they want, especially with so many users flocking to TikTok to capture when a restaurant doesn't have what they want.

If you've never tried Chipotle's fan-favorite Chicken al Pastor, rest assured, there'll be an abundance for you to savor.