IKEA Is Selling A Hotplate That Needs Your Phone For A Beautiful Reason


Keeping your phone away from the dinner table is quite a formidable feat in this world of social media and gratuitous food photography. An IKEA in Taiwan has created a unique hotplate that gets rid of the distraction caused by smart phones, reports Rocket News.

Diners arrive at the table and sit around the hotplate. While it holds a pot filled with broth, meats and vegetables, the hotplate won't turn on until a cellphone is placed underneath.

One cell phone will not provide enough heat to cook the food, so more cellphones must be added to keep the hotplate going. Get it?


A cool innovation that allows families and loved ones to actually spend dinner talking to each other rather than play on their phones.

As you can see in the video above, some people struggled with the separation more than others.