Scientists Think They've Cracked UN-MELTABLE Ice Cream


Ice cream, while delicious, can be super messy on a sunny day. The life span of a decent cone from the scoop to your hand isn't very long. Luckily, scientists are working hard to develop an ice cream that won't melt.

A team of U.K. researchers from the universities of Dundee and Edinburgh have been growing a protein in bacteria that's designed to prevent ice cream from melting.


Using a molecule they're calling BslA, air bubbles and fat droplets are stuck to water creating an impenetrable mass. This means ice cream can stay frozen in the sun.

The team appears to be happy with the results, so far, but they're still a while away. According to Telegraph it'll be three years before this un-meltable ice cream will be ready to sell to the public.

When that day comes, you bet we'll be taking photos without fear of melted ice cream.